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About KJS Outdoors, LLC
Our Goal…Our Mission…Our Passion!
Our goal is that each and every hunter that visits our website to have a good experience they won't forget at a price that is competitive.

Our mission is to bring family's together to make bonds that last a lifetime. We will only sell products we use and know works, this is our brand and name - nothing will tarnish our name. Our passion is hunting, guns, apparel, cooking, fellowship, family and introducing our sport to others.

Who We Are
Once a dream, now a reality, our new website and retail store at 6565 Eldorado in Frisco Gun Club is something we want to share with you. Come join us for a fun filled experience you will not forget at www.kjsoutdoors.com .

Our Business
Our Business was born because we wanted to do what we love for a living. We have hunted all of our lives and enjoy the outdoors. It always seemed that our place was where all our family and friends have great fellowship together. So, we just decided to open up our website to showcase and sell our experience to others.

KJS Guns, Ammo and Outdoors
6565 Eldorado Pkwy, Frisco, TX 75033
(800) 403-4213
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[email protected]

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